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What You Should Do After Your Car Breaks Down

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Looking helpless and stressed while stranded on the highway with a busted flat tire or engine is the worst nightmare of motorists. However, car breakdowns happen and they are both costly and dangerous.

Below are some of the things you can do after your car breaks down:

Give an Emergency Signal to Other Drivers

If your vehicle stalls in the middle of the road and you cannot pull it over to the other side, never get out of your car. A driver who does not see you could run over you. What you should do is to turn on your hazard lights and if it’s dark, turn on the sidelights.

Get Your Vehicle Safely Out of Traffic

Pull over your car to the roadside as quickly as possible. Never stop at the middle of the road and try repairing your car and change your tire. You will just blow the traffic’s flow and you’ll put yourself at risk. It can also be a hassle to other motorists.

While slowing down, keep your cool and take your foot off the accelerator smoothly. Never brake hard suddenly. If you could still drive to the nearest emergency bay, you must do it to avoid getting your vehicle towed and get a traffic violation traffic. You should also remember to turn on the signal lights to warn the other drivers behind you. Be cautious when a bus or other big vehicles is trailing you. It’s important to stay away from them and give them the space so they could go around you.

Always Be Careful When You Are Talking to the Strangers

It is your choice to accept help from strangers. There are some people who could give you a hand when your car breaks down, but not all are good. Others might be scammers or thieves who will just take advantage of your situation. If somebody offers help, know how to judge people well. If that stranger behaves suspiciously, never let him access your car and just lower your window a little so you can talk.

Call for Help

If you have pulled over completely on the roadside, you should put your reflective triangle behind your vehicle to alert some motorists that your car breaks down. You may contact your family members, nearby friends or car insurance provider to avail roadside assistance or towing in Cleveland (if you happen to be in northeast Ohio). This will help you note your location and landmarks to help individuals find you. Not all car insurance covers breakdowns. Others provide emergency roadside assistance, which may often include minor repair services and free towing once your insured car breaks down.

When your car breaks down while you are driving, it is not just risky but also nerve-wracking. You should be alert enough to ensure your safety in this kind of situation. You can reduce experiencing car breakdowns through inspecting your car thoroughly before taking it out for a drive. With this, you will always stay safe on the road.

5 Tips to get the most out of your vehicle’s tires

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We all know that a good set of tires can be very valuable. You want to ensure that your car tires stay damage free so that you can get the most out of them for as long as possible while feeling safe driving. The following are five tips to keep your car tires safe and prevent the need for help from a local towing service:

Don’t Drive Over Potholes

This might seem like common sense. However, during travel, at times we may be just concerned with getting from point A to B. You might be tempted to take that side road, but don’t do it. Driving on potholes is the easiest way to puncture a tire. If you find yourself on a road with potholes, put your hazards on. Then reduce your speed to 10 to 20 miles per hour. The slower you can go the better. That will help you avoid dangerous craters in the road.

Beware of Construction Debris

Unfortunately, construction debris is everywhere. It doesn’t matter if you’re driving in a city or a back country road. It can be in the form of broken glass, mirrors, screws, or virtually any sharp object. Be sure not to drive — or drive very carefully — in any area that looks like it has debris.

Always have a Proper Spare

Having a “donut” tire in the car can be okay in a pinch. However, you are not supposed to drive more than 50-100 miles with it on. Wouldn’t it be better to just replace your tire with a regular spare. Then you can continue on driving. Make sure, however, that you tighten the lug nuts after 25 miles of travel. If you can’t make the change to a spare on your own call roadside assistance near you for help.

Go For the New All Weather Tires

Having the new all weather tires can prevent you from having to change from spring to winter tires. This really is not something that people usually make the time for anyways. They usually end up driving their all seasons in winter and getting into an accident. Or they wear the treads of their winter tires during summer heat.

Make Sure to Get your Alignment Checked

A car can be off balance too. If it is, then you are wearing certain tires faster than others. Make sure that you avoid this catastrophe and get your alignment properly balanced.

Guest post by Aurora, CO Towing Pros